My name is Christopher Daly, I live on the East side of Madison in the Marquette neighborhood, and I am running for mayor this spring 2015. I have lived in Madison for seven years, attended the UW, and graduated with a degree in radio, television, and film in 2012. After working for a short time in the industry I decided that it wasn’t for me and have been searching for a way to engage and inspire others within the community. My education has served to shown me exactly how powerful information is and how political power is maintained through controlling the flow of information. I am running for mayor because I want to re-examine the means of control and to discuss how our relationship to our government and to the monetary system is effecting the poorest members of our community, our environment, and our perception of ourselves as individuals.

I am concerned at the direction that we are heading as a community, city, state, and nation when the control of resources and production is increasingly placed in the hands of a few individuals/corporations, and when political participation is increasingly dependent upon access to capital. I am running because I believe that the solution to these problems is renewal of local production capacity, divestment from unsustainable businesses, and increased community participation. I intend to work untiringly towards these aims.


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  1. Dear Christopher,

    I am contacting you in order to provide you with the same information your fellow candidates for Madison mayor are receiving about running an ad in Eastside News for the primary election.

    If you could send me a direct email link, I will forward you the information.

    Thank you,

    Dave Link
    Eastside News advertising manager


  2. Good Day Mr.Daly,

    Before supporting your candidacy for Mayor I’d like to ask a few questions about a matter of public policy on City infrastructure improvements.

    Can you tell me your views in the areas of 2017’s planned Bio-Digester Plant, and the build up to it?

    These questions will be asked of all current candidates.

    For example: What is your plan on assuring money is guaranteed to be in the next budget to implement this vital economic development, air and water quality, and community sanitation tool.

    What does Mayor Soglin’s quoted observation at last budget time — “we will do this right!”? — mean to?

    This statement assumes The City of Madison Streets/Recycling Office is doing it wrong?! What is the basis of your opinion?

    Thank you very much.



    • I am in favor of the biodigester. Recent reports out of the rest of the state don’t look as promising as they might, but I believe that it can be “done right.” This is probably what Paul was speaking to. See my most recent post for a clue as to how we might go about funding infrastructure improvements! 😀


  3. I am contacting you for some specifics. How do you stand on a citywide ban on BPA (Bis-Phenol A) on White thermal receipt paper? What, you didn’t know there dangerous chemical linked to diabetes2, obesity, some cancers and nervous system problems, being distributed by retailers to the public. I beg you, for the safety and health of Madison, lets NOT wait for this endocrine disruptor to be linked to autism or other ailments, BAN BPA on receipts. Please respond, for this is not the only issue I need specifics on.


    • I have been aware of BPA on receipts for some time. The best course of action would be for you to contact your alder and ask them to bring the issue before the common council.


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